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The items listed below are available in an number of different sizes and weights. If the weight of your order totals more than the maximum weight per piece or pack, it will be prepared as multiple pieces or packs.

Tenderloin medallions of Pork

The pork equivalent of the famous beef fillet steak in miniature, or can be cut from the entrecte. Simply pan fry or grill and garnish with fine slices of ginger and coconut. If you order in advance, we will provide these garnishes for you, ready to cook.
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Pork Loin with Plum & Ginger Stuffing

A wonderful all-year-round dish and superb for entertaining. Leave to marinade overnight, add the surplus marinade to the roasting juices a few minutes before serving to use as a sauce. Will serve from a single person to a large family / dinner party.

Ideal served cold and sliced as a buffet with additional cold pickles and relishes. We will prepare this for you with extra marinade for the sauce.
Pork Carr

A lean rack of pork stuffed with a blend of apricots, almonds and Feta cheese. The delicate taste of this dish is quite outstanding.


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