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The items listed below are available in an number of different sizes and weights. If the weight of your order totals more than the maximum weight per piece or pack, it will be prepared as multiple pieces or packs.

Lamb Cushion

Shoulder of lamb, boned and de-fatted, then stuffed with herbs and apricots and tied as a cushion.
Lamb Noisettes - with asparagus

A finely trimmed lean eye of loin of naturally fed lamb, boned, rolled and filled with tender fresh asparagus spears lightly blanched. The flavours produce a truly complimentary blend.

This conveniently sized roll of approximately 750g can be served in several ways. Sliced as shown in the photograph, it can be grilled, barbecued, fried or braised in the oven. It also makes an excellent mini-roast for two to four servings.
Look here for cooking suggestions
Lamb Fillet - with leeks

A very economical mid-week special. A fillet from the juicy and very tasty neck or brochette, as it is known in France, wrapped with leeks.
Butterfly leg of lamb

Boned leg, seamed, opened
1.8 Kg - Minimum weight per piece or pack


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